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The largest city in the state of Maine and winner of numerous honors, Portland is a city that always seems alive. Portland apartment-ites seem to be always on the go to some big event or attraction, which the city has plenty of. With a rich cultural scene, a firm grasp of its history, and plenty of hip, contemporary touches, there's enough to please even the most discerning Portland apartment-ite, no matter where his or her tastes may lie.

For history buffs, Portland is a town with a lot to discover. Home to several large fires through the years, the town has a habit of rising from the ashes, just like Portland's symbol, the Phoenix, and signs of the town's tenacity can be found all around. Many famous houses are available for Portland apartment-ites to wander through, and there are numerous other historical hotspots to discover. Art fans will also have plenty to appreciate about Portland, with many cultural destinations located around the town, including the Downtown Arts District, which houses the Portland Museum of Art, the Children's Museum of Maine, and the Maine Historical Society.

Portland is a wonderland for apartment-ites, simply brimming with fun points of interest. Whether you're looking for a fun night out, a fascinating look at the town's history, or just a pleasant evening of opera or theater, the town has everything a Portland apartment-ite could need, and so much more.

Portland, Maine Apartments

Portland Apartments

Portland ME 04103

1375 Forest Ave Portland ME, 04103

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $900 to $1600

1 14725 43.6925 -70.2988 (866) 664-2033
(866) 664-2033 check availability
Portland ME 04101
Princeton on Back Cove Apartments

100 Forest Park Portland ME, 04101

1 to 2 bedroom apartments $1000 to $1500

2 14724 43.6674 -70.2765 (866) 442-5634
(866) 442-5634 check availability
South Portland ME 04106
Redbank Village Apartments

62 MacArthur Cir E South Portland ME, 04106

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $1165 to $1905

3 19770 43.637 -70.3172 (866) 812-2305
(866) 812-2305 check availability
South Portland ME 04106
Riverplace Apartments
Active Lifestyle
Pet Friendly
Family Friendly
Entertainment Options

1 RiverPlace Dr South Portland ME, 04106

1 to 2 bedroom apartments $1420 to $1890

4 59604 43.6419 -70.247 (866) 782-0885
(866) 782-0885 check availability
Falmouth ME 04105

100 Clearwater Dr Falmouth ME, 04105

1 to 2 bedroom apartments $1150 to $1750

5 14735 43.7155 -70.238 (866) 678-9210
(866) 678-9210 check availability
Yarmouth ME 04096
Yarmouth Pointe Apartments
Family Friendly
Kitchen Options

1 Juniper Dr Yarmouth ME, 04096

1 to 2 bedroom apartments call for rates

6 112155 43.808 -70.1684 (207) 847-8193
(207) 847-8193 check availability
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